Our titles are published in series and adherence to the series’ style is important. Some books require special text characters. We can trust 4word to deliver on both counts.

Head of Publications, Academic Publisher

From first contact right through to publication, dealing with 4word has been a most positive experience. Editorial advice and elegant page design contributed to making a handsome centenary volume for our club.

Editor, self-published Club History

We rely on 4word to help us through particularly busy periods and it’s great to know that you not only provide an efficient and professional service, but also ensure quality standards are not compromised.

Production Manager, Publishing House

The book is now on my table at last! What a wonderful feeling. I am grateful to you for having done such an excellent job at such a relatively short time. Thank you for the help and understanding you've shown during the publication process. Without your quick responses to my inquiries, this book would have certainly been delayed.


We wanted to express our deepest appreciation to all of you for the work you did (our appreciation extends to all those we have been in contact with, with no exception). It may be "all part of the job" but we wanted to underline how impressed we have been, and how much we appreciate how very helpful and responsive you have all been throughout this project.

Editors group of multi-author academic book


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