Self Publishing for Authors

We are able to support all authors to take their thoughts all the way through to book production reality. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and plan for the success of your publication.

With us, you have complete control of your marketing, distributing and sales. Our standard process for authors includes:

  • Pagination and supply of two sets of hard copy proofs for final checks
  • Preparation of 4-colour cover artwork from images supplied
  • Provide initial printed copies (paperback binding style)
  • Supply of e-book file

In addition to our standard package 4word can also offer editorial, proofreading, indexing and additional design services.

Self Publishing for Sports Clubs

We have helped many clubs to highlight important milestones in their histories by producing celebration volumes.

These books have traced the development of clubs from, often, modest beginnings to where they have reached today. The books are best illustrated with archive photographs capturing individuals and events that have shaped your club. Current members are keen to know the history of their club and these history books are very popular.

Self Publishing for Academic Socities

4word works with a range of archaeological, historical, science and other local interest societies from all over the UK and help the editors to bring their members articles together in a bound book or periodical journal.

With our experience we can recommend the most cost effective book solution, one which will maximise the perceived quality of your work whilst considering every aspect of the book production process.

We also have experience in journal production for specialist subjects and will work with you to deliver the best product that suits your needs.

Self Publishing for Fund Raising

The production and sale of club histories can raise thousands of pounds helping your club to plan and invest in the future. Here’s an example of how you could make £2,500 for your club:

  1. Write 20,000 words on the history of your sports club in MS Word or equivalent
  2. Select about 50 photographs (with some in colour) and supply digital images
  3. Let 4word convert it into a 144 page book with 16 colour pages
  4. Let 4word print and sell to you 500 books at £5 each
  5. You sell them on to your club members at £10 each
  6. You’ll make £5 profit on 500 books = £2,500 for your sports club.
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