Book Production

 Book Production

We offer a total one-stop book production service. From conception to completion, we design, format and prepare books and similar publications managing editorial and paging tasks, proofreading and index compilation. When the book is clear for press we can send PDF files to your chosen supplier for printing and binding or, alternatively, you can rely on us to place the work with the tried and tested manufacturing companies with whom we have established trading agreements.

4word can take some of the burden off your shoulders by becoming a publishing partner. We liaise, schedule, monitor and coordinate. If you choose to outsource only part, or the entire production process, 4word can be the answer to all your publishing needs.

In summary, 4word can oversee production to ensure your publications are produced efficiently, cost-effectively and on schedule. Let us manage your publications through the production process.


 Our Book Production Process

Our book production process


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