Printing / Binding

The two main printing processes for publications are:

1) Digital Printing and Print on Demand (POD)
Digital printing (sometimes mistakenly called POD) is suitable for short print runs (up to 500 copies). There is no real set-up cost with digital printing and the unit price of the first copy will be roughly the same as the cost of the 500th. Digital press development has improved both print quality and has increased the range of paper available. These improvements mean that quality halftone and colour printing can now be achieved.

2) Lithographic (litho) Printing
If the print run exceeds 500 copies litho printing is generally more economic. The initial set-up charge for litho is greater than digital. The unit price (per book) reduces rapidly as the print run increases.

Why worry about these technical points because 4word and their associated print companies have considerable experience in working with both printing methods. We can advise on the best printing route, help with paper selection, offer advice on the binding style (paperback or hardback) and provide any sample copies you require.

You can also save money by asking 4word to look after your print/bind requirements. We work with a range of publishers and place regular work with our associates throughout the year. This relationship means that we can obtain very competitive prices for our clients.

In summary we can select the best print method for your book to produce a quality product at a competitive price and, very importantly, deliver on time.


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